Sunday, July 25, 2010

Board Breaking

Board breaking was the Grand Finale at the Mind Transformations 12-day NLP practitioner training.

The participants were each provided a wooden board.

On one side, the participant writes a specific desired outcome - an important personal goal that is yet to be accomplished.

On the other side, the participant writes the three main obstacles that must be addressed in order to achieve that desired outcome. These are the three inner demons that stop us or slow us down as we head towards our goal.

The participant then steps forward, prepares herself mentally and physically using the following strategy.

The participant places the board between two columns of cement blocks.

Rehearses the stance and movement.

Get into the mental state of confronting her inner personal demons head on, feeling the tension rising.

Get into position, poised to strike - physically and mentally.

Summon strength and GO! breaking the board neatly in two.

The moment the board is broken, a deep sense of great relief floods the body. A feeling of finally standing up and breaking through against the inner demons that limit our lives fills us with great pride and confidence.

The board breaking exercise is a metaphor for confronting and successfully overcoming our inner personal demons that are preventing us from taking that all-important first step towards achieving our desired outcome.

The exercise puts us in the state of being strongly motivated for ACTION! towards our goals.

My personal reflection of the board breaking exercise.

The wooden board is a deliberately created metaphor of our inner personal demons.

In our lives, there are metaphors of our inner personal demons which are part of us. We cling onto them unconsciously just like Linus holding on to his old blanket.

What are the Linus Blankets in your life?

Linus Blankets come in many shapes and forms. Besides objects, they can be a person, a group of people, a job, or even an idea about yourself.

What do they represent? How and when did they become a part of your life? Why did you need them at that time? Do you really still need them now? Can you let them go? What will you lose, if you do let them go? Can you trade them in for something else that will free you? Open your world? Open your eyes to opportunities that have always been there?

Dumping our Linus Blankets has the same effect as breaking the wooden board.

Please share your thoughts with us.

We love to hear from you.

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