Thursday, July 29, 2010

Describing a Person Using Metaphors

This is an interesting use of metaphors to get a richer description of a person than what is possible with just using words.

This is how it is done.

First draw lines on a sheet of blank paper to divide it into 9 boxes like this.

Next put a picture of the person you wish to describe in the centre box like this. In this case, it is a young lady named Peach.

In the remaining 8 boxes surrounding the picture of the person, we put in pictures of different chosen categories of objects that we feel best represent that person. The different categories can be of any groups of objects.

Examples of categories are animals, cartoon characters, colours, furniture, fruits, vehicles, food, clothing, famous places, celebrities, popular songs, countries, beverages, sports, weather - the possibilities are literally endless.

Next, in the chosen categories ask yourself the question - If this person were a __________, what would she be like?

In this example, we have chosen the following.

Here we go, describe what comes to your mind about the person using the chosen metaphors.

If Peach were a panda, she would be rare, special, exotic, cute, lovable, adorable, exceptional, charming, friendly, huggable, the center of attention, sought after, precious, well looked after, attractive, intelligent.

If Peach were the cartoon character Lucy, she would be wacky, funny, humourous, intelligent, firm, confident, steady, cool, clever, quick, naughty, unique, sharp, creative, smart, playful, comfortable with herself, brave, sensible, knows what she wants, authentic.

If Peach were the colour yellow, she would be cheerful, cheeky, happy, joyful, bubbly, good company.

If Peach were a sofa, she would be comfortable, steady, approachable, warm, soft, friendly, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, supportive.

If Peach were a peach, she would be wholesome, sweet, radiant, rosy, healthy.

If Peach were a mini Multi-Purpose Vehicle, she would be energetic, dashing, ambitious, curious, flamboyant, cool, fashionable, quick, rugged, tough, steady, adventurous, playful, going places, on the go, has plenty of potential, free spirited, confident, fun loving, sporty, bursting with energy.

If Peach were a bowl of sweet glutinous rice balls, she would be sweet, filled with substance, wholesome, appreciates tradition, generous, family oriented, harmonious, courteous, considerate, respectful, nurturing.

If Peach were a pair of sneakers, she would be stylish, youthful, comfortable with herself, energized, sporty, trendy, practical, sensible.

From this example, it is obvious that using metaphors to describe a person, produces a much deeper insight on her personality than a written description could.

Try it.

You'll be amazed because it is so simple, yet so effective.

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