Saturday, February 27, 2010

Awareness Patterns

Awareness Patterns uses words like:

     • Notice
     • See
     • Realize
     • Aware.

People tend to pre-suppose everything that follows these Awareness Pattern words to be true. Our attention is drawn to the part of the statement preceding the Awareness Pattern word, leaving the part after the Awareness Pattern unscrutinized.

Are you aware that people often assume that whatever is stated after the word “notice” is true, and therefore rarely question it?

Have you noticed how we seldom question what we were told when it comes after the word “see”?

Do you notice that anything prefixed by the word “realize” is usually taken to be the truth without question?
Do you realize that people automatically take what is stated after the word “aware” to be true?

Using the Awareness Pattern lets you bypass resistance.

Try it, because you will have fun.

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