Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Moonwalking Bear and the Reticular Activating System

Did you see the moonwalking bear on the first viewing? Most people don’t.

What happened? How did most people miss the BIG moonwalking bear?

The secret lies in the workings of our Reticular Activation System or RAS. It is the part of our brain that automatically filters out what we consider unimportant to us, and brings to our attention, things that we consider important to us.

Because of the way our RAS works, we will see what we are focusing on (consider important) but will miss even BIG things like the moonwalking bear, if we are not focusing on it.

The way our RAS works has far reaching implications on the success or failure in all areas of our lives e.g. relationships, health, wealth, career etc.

Take the area of relationships.

Though it is pivotal to our life long happiness, many people leave the choice of their life partner to chance or “fate”.

They have no clear criteria of what traits and qualities their ideal partners should have. They are looking for someone out there, somewhere out there, but with little or no idea what that person should be like. It is little wonder then that people often ended up with no one out there, or the wrong one.

Without knowing what we are looking for, even when a suitable partner appears, s/he will pass invisibly by, like the BIG moonwalking bear.

So, what should we do? Our RAS will not change its ways. It has been this way for millions of years.

Fortunately, it is easy to get our RAS to work for us, without having to change its ways.

You just need to give your RAS clear, specific instructions. Your RAS is very obedient and totally loyal.

You just need to program your RAS with the specific emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual traits, qualities and characteristics that you want in your ideal partner. A powerful way to program your RAS is to write down your goals, in this case, the kind of person you want in a life partner.

Review and refine your criteria regularly. Doing so will hammer your criteria into your RAS.

With this program, your RAS will work dutifully for you, bringing to you candidates who meet your set criteria.

Give it a try, and Good Luck. (Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. More on this, another time.)

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