Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In NLP, reframing is to see a situation from another perspective so that we can change our understanding of the experience and give it new meaning.

The purpose of reframing is to help us get into a more resourceful state and to create greater choices so that we can respond better to situations.

Nothing in this world has meaning except that which we choose to give it.

Even a dirty old iron and a burnt cheese toast can be reframed into sources of inspiration.

Mary Jo Coady, an out of luck Massachusetts mother of two, was recently separated from her husband and had her hours at work as the secretary at a medical office cut.

In Nov 2009, Coady noticed burnt marks on an old iron in her daughter's bedroom.

Coady’s spirit was buoyed by the burnt marks on her iron as she saw them as the image of Jesus Christ. Coady said the image reassures her that "life is going to be good."

In April 2009, Dupree Gilbert made a cheese toast snack for his girlfriend Linda Lowe at his home in Lake Bowen, South Carolina. When he took the toast out of the oven, Gilbert and Lowe noticed that the bubbled and burned cheese, melted on top of a slice of bread bored the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Gilbert said "The Lord works in mysterious ways .... … it is a reminder that the Lord is with you every day of your life."

Lowe believes that the burnt toast is a sign that Jesus is always watching over her.

Are the images on the dirty iron and burnt toast really that of Jesus Christ?

My answer is that it doesn’t matter. Beliefs are personal and private things. For Coady, Gilbert and Lowe, it's very useful to believe that it's true.

When one deals with beliefs, in my opinion, the right question to ask is, "Is it useful?" not "Is it true?"

A useful belief puts us in a more resourceful state, more ready and able to tackle the challenges we face.

The key to success is to consistently see things in a way that supports us and others in dealing more ably with life’s challenges.

That’s NLP reframing in a nutshell.

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