Friday, April 2, 2010

Eye Accessing Cue Demonstration

To watch the Eye Accessing Cue Demonstration, click on this link

Pierto, we’re going to do eye pattern demonstrations with you now.

First question is.

When you were a boy, remember the house where you lived in. What is the colour of the room that you grew up in?

Blue. (Eyes look up and to the left – Visual Recall)

If you think back to that room as well, what colour, what would it look like in your mind, if it was red with pink spots.

Funny. (Eyes look up and to the right – Visual Construct)

Somebody’s voice. Let’s say your mother’s voice. What does your mother’s voice sound like?

That’s it. You can hear her voice in you head right now. (Eyes look sideways and to the left – Auditory Recall)

What would your mother’s voice sound like, if she sounded like Donald Duck?

Odd. (Eyes look sideways and to the right – Auditory Construct)

Imagine. Cause you live in Brighton don’t you? So, what is like if you go down on the beach, just with bare feet walking along the beach?

Hot and steamy. (Eyes look down and to the left – Kinesthetic)

What I like you to do now is to recite the thirteen times table, and that’s it, you recite that table in your mind.

(Eyes look down and to the right – Auditory Digital)

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