Saturday, April 3, 2010

John Grinder Defines NLP

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"The two major categories of activities that go under the title of NLP, from my point of view, are what I consider the crowning achievement, the most radical part of the proposal that’s implicit in the whole approach of NLP, which is modelling.

I recognise a thousand different varieties of modelling. I think as a species we are compulsive, obsessive about modelling as creating a knowledge base of our internal maps which allows us to make guesses of what actually is going on out there, and provide rules of engagement for conduct in the world.

Now, we have among us, people we recognised as geniuses who achieved such superior levels of performance in some discipline or in some particular professional activity, that they become avatars or exemplars or if our attitude is appropriate, an opportunity for us to upgrade the quality of our own game.

The question is how do you get access to these deep patterns of genius in order to assimilate them yourselves, so you have the choice, and then finally in some cases the ability to make explicit what you have assimilated and now have this behavioural competency in the form of a transferable code or verbal, or verbal plus some formal aspects.

This, of course, is the description of the history of the development of NLP.

And the answer surprisingly enough is to become quite childlike. The paradox is the following. Everybody knows that children are the most powerful, accelerated learners in any context, this is independent of language or culture. Where the children are able to do, we adults find difficult.

And the answer is the children do not have to compare the incoming data stream of experiences as they are in the presence of their parents, other children and authority figures with already a well developed set of internal maps which are the basis of their trail and error in the world. They have very little of this. Therefore the task of unfiltered assimilation of what’s going on in their environment becomes essentially the principal learning strategy by which all of you watching and listening to this presentation have achieved the most important parts of your competencies as a human being.

So we know the system works brilliantly. It’s very much in parallel to the fact that children have no problem learning languages, other than the native language, or local language, for the simple reason that they have a set of circuits, Chomsky once referred to as the organ language or language acquisition device. Which given exposure to stimulation, that is speech patterns of native speakers around them will automatically go through this assimilation process, unconsciously, uncritically, and by trial and error and through play activity, with no sense of self consciousness, it will come to a quick mastery of a language which is interesting because some of the most competent people I’ve met, intellectually in terms of research in the world, have not to date succeed in creating a single complete grammar of any significant portion of any natural language.

This in a way is a measure of complexity. Now this is a very complex task obviously. But it can be done, if the stance of the learner takes is appropriate. Both in language learning, and more generally in the modelling of genius.

If you apply a non NLP strategy, roughly a left brain and a livid strategy, you will probably learn powerful and important things, and probably at high speed. The problem is the things you will learn are essentially confirmation of elements already in your internal maps.

If you use your internal maps, your local knowledge base as the basis for a comparative, analytic attempt to understand as you are exposed to the patterns of the genius. You are only essentially setting a band with your set of filters and anything that gets to get through these filters will get through simply because they are congruent with distinctions already in the knowledge base, internal maps.

This means that the key elements that make this person a genius are unlikely to pass unless you are already a genius in this area. Even then, styles, the particular patterns of this genius, may not be compatible and commensurate with the ones that you already have.

If you really wish a deep appreciation, and the ability to assimilate fundamental patterns of genius, one choice you have in a face to face communication encounter with the genius is to suspend all that stuff which removes the filtering effects of the accumulated knowledge base, internal maps.

We remove that set of filters and allow you as a child does, with absolutely no attempt to understand what you are doing, through imitation, micro muscle movement, your neurons, synesthesia, to assimilate complex patterns, at high speed, with the same kind of depth which is typical of the source of these patterns of the genius.

If on the other hand, you activate your knowledge base, your internal maps, than only those elements in the genius’ behaviour which corresponds to some elements in your internal map will pass the bypass filter.

And there are many cases in which the extreme effort involved in the doing NLP unconscious assimilation, extreme for an adult, easy for a child. Making all those arrangement and carrying out this kind of modelling, that there are cases where you want to use mixed modelling. That is you may do part of it consciously and part of unconscious assimilation.

In general, the question is a practical question in a corporate setting for example, if you give me, the top sales person, or the top strategic planner, or the team which is consistently more productive and profitable than any other of the work teams, it is possible for me to give you back a model which is transferable using either analytic or NLP unconscious assimilation modelling.

If it is something that is relatively simple, I may be able to get it analytically, and this of course depends once again on the state of my knowledge base. So, there is a risk here. That I may not allow to pass because of the filtering exactly the difference that makes a difference between this top production team, and all the other teams.

So, there are no mistakes here. There are consequences to the strategy you use. If you have the competency or willingness to develop the competency, suspend access to your internal knowledge base, your internal maps, and participate in subconscious assimilation I guarantee you, you’ll get the patterns."

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